The 15-Second Video Success

People know within 15-seconds of meeting you if they’ll do business or further interact with your brand. This means you have only a short time span to convince them that you are a name worthy of their time and attention. Luckily, one way to stand out in the minds of your audience and make a great impression is through video. And, just one 15-second video can do great things for your brand. It is easy to make a video and post it on social media to generate a buzz in your brand. Other companies are doing it and so should you.

Making a video provides you with a powerful marketing tool that users want to see. They’re far better than a photo because they incite emotions and make it easier to connect to a story, product, or even to a person. Many people prefer to watch a video than look at a picture, read a book, etc. So, as you can see, videos are a powerful tool indeed. The great thing is that your video needs to be only a few seconds long to create more interest in your brand.  Furthermore, you can make your own video without the help of a professional videographer that costs a ton of money.

The Power of a Video

It is easy to build trust within the community with this short and sweet 15-second video. When people see your brand in action in a video, it creates an even deeper desire to learn more about what you offer and to learn what you are all about. People will look at your brand as an industry expert and provide the trust that you need to succeed. And, if you inspire them enough, they’ll tell other people about your products, services, and your name. Many people will share your content with others and become the loyal fan that every business needs to thrive.

Valuable Insight & Feedback

Videos also help businesses learn how to improve their products and services. It is easy to make a video that sparks emotions and gains feedback for your brand. When you ask the audience what you need to do to improve and become a bigger, better brand for them, it creates a close-knit, personalized relationship with you. That is exactly what customers are looking for these days when connecting with a brand. And of course, you need their thoughts and opinions to become a bigger, better name/brand than you were the day before. It takes going above and beyond to stand out in the mind of a consumer these days.

Put That Video to Work

Once you create your video, share it on as many social media sites as possible. You can get 100 instant followers on Instagram with a great video and the right hashtags, and get the same ample results when using popular sites like Facebook, Tumblr, or YouTube.  While you’re at it, find a company that sells 100 Insta followers and buy them to increase popularity and interest in your videos and your brand.

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