5 Reasons to Use Tumblr

When people talk about social media, it is often names like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube that generate the most discussion. Each of these sites is well-known and popular because they are fun and easy to use to market a brand or service with. Tumblr is a social media site that people should be talking about too, though. It is a unique social media site that has the potential to turn your name into a regular social media star. If you’ve yet to discover Tumblr and the amazing experience that it offers, now is the time to make a change. Read below to learn 5 reasons to use this social media site.

1 – It is Easy to Use

Everything about Tumblr is easy, from creating an account to uploading content to generating a large audience of followers and fans. The more fans, the more likes, comments, and reblogs you get and that makes you feel good from the inside out. People who visit your page on Tumblr are interested in your products, services, and the greatness that you have to offer. It takes no time to make a name for yourself using this site.

2- Versatile

On Tumblr, the possibilities of the types of content that you can share is endless! Upload photos, stories, Gifs, videos, memes or whatever else your heart desires to share with others. If it is unique, fun, and inspires the audience to interact, you’ve made a wonderful selection. It is easy to use the site to explore a plethora of options and keep the excitement high.

3- Cross-Promote

The average person has 7.6 social media accounts. It is easy to share information about your other accounts with your Tumblr audience. You offer unique information on each platform that you use so you obviously want as many of your fans to follow you as possible. You can easily get 100 followers on Instagram by simply sharing the details with your audience on other platforms. Of course it is possible to buy 100 followers as well, so keep this in mind.

4- Better SEO

If you’ve been in the marketing business very long, you know SEO and how important it is if you wish to stand out above the crowd. When Tumblr is used, you’ll notice better SEO results that get your other platforms, website, and brand noticed. Is there really anything more important than getting your name out there to the largest audience of interested people? Tumblr will boost your SEO to make this possible.

5- Reach a Younger Audience

Millennials account for many of the Tumblr account holders. There are many reasons why connecting with people in this age bracket is important so make sure you are in their thoughts as well as in the minds of older people as well. It is easy to reblog content and generate a name with a younger crowd who will show your brand loyalty that it needs to stand above the competition.

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